Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our Range of Products

·    Chicory Products
We offer wide range of Chicory Products
·         Instant Chicory Powder
·         Roasted Chicory Powder
·         Dry and Roasted Chicory Cubes
·         Liquid Chicory

·       Tomato and Beet Root Powder
·         Tomato Powder
·         Beetroot Powder

·       Vegetable Powder
·         Lemon Powder
·         Green Chilli Powder
·         Bitter Gourd Powder
·         Bottle Gourd Powder
·         Ginger Powder
·         Carrot Powder
·         Coriander Powder

·       Fruit Powder
·         Mango Powder
·         Guava Powder
·         Sapota Powder
·         Strawberry Powder
·         Orange Powder
·         Banana Powder
·         Apple Powder
·         Pineapple Powder
·         Papaya Powder
·         Pomegranate Powder
·         Custard-Apple Powder

·       Freeze Dried Vegetable and Fruit
We Offer Wide range of Freeze Dried Fruits and Vegetables 
Freeze Dried Fruits
Freeze Dried Vegetables

·       Dehydrated Vegetable and Fruit
We Offer Wide range of Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables 
Dehydrated Fruits
Dehydrated Vegetables

·       Dehydrated Onion and Garlic
·         Dehydrated White Onion
·         Dehydrated Red Onion
·         Dehydrated Garlic

·       Spices and Herbal Products
We Offer Wide range of Whole Spices and Herbs 

We Offer Wide range of Spices and Herbs Powder 

·       Groundnut
We Offer Wide range of commodities

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